Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to remove the killer garlic smell...

So your mom was right. Garlic is an amazing food! It is a potent antibiotic; it has disease preventing anti-oxidants; it manages high blood cholesterol and it’s great against mosquito bites! But let’s face it. 

Garlic is SOCIAL SUICIDE!!! 

The smell it gives your breath is an absolute turn-off to everyone around you and you always think twice before eating it in public.

Where does the smell come from?

When you cut or press a garlic bulb, an enzyme called alliinase is released. It transforms alliin (a compound found in garlic) into allicin and diallyl sulphides which are responsible for the ugly smell. Whether cooking or eating it, garlic will invade your body and breath. In fact, the sulfurous compounds are absorbed through the bloodstream and lungs. They also feed the bacteria in the mouth resulting in bad breath.

How do you remove garlic smell from your hands?

Very simple! Wash your hands with soap then rub them against a stainless steel utensil (spoon, knife, etc.). If the latter is unavailable, you can:
- either rub your hands with salt or baking soda,
- or dip your hands into a mixture of water and lemon for a few minutes

And there you go! It’s magic!

How do you remove the bad breath?

Unfortunately, nothing can completely remove the smell of garlic in your breath. However, many ingredients can reduce it.

1. Parsley: No wonder most dishes that contain garlic also have parsley in them! It seems that those green leaves can help attenuate the intensity of the odor. So, now you know that garnish isn’t just for decoration! Have some of it and thank me later!

2. Breath mints: It’s the most commonly used trick to alter the foul smell of garlic. Remember the commercial: No Smint No Kiss?

3. Wine: wine, especially red, has a powerful scent and flavor that can mask the odor of garlic. So from now on, that’s the drink you should start ordering!

4. Cardamon: there are claims that cardamon seeds may help reduce the unbearable garlic stink. However, cardamom itself has a strong flavor so it might not be well tolerated by some.

5. Eat anything cold: apparently, high temperatures amplify the smell of garlic. So have an ice cream or a full ice soda right after your meal.

6. Milk: Recent studies (1) have shown that milk can reduce garlic breath. Full fat milk has proven to be a more effective neutralizer because of the mixture between water and fat.

Finally, the wisest advice I can give you in that matter is to surround yourself with garlic lovers. That way, no one will be able to complain! ;) 


Hisham Assaad said...

im starting to love using garlic and onions in my cooking
these are great tips :)

Paty M said...

salbe i love this post, we bought a stainless steel soap, mom uses it bas i always thought it was bogus, yalla next time ill use it :p

Misho Richa said...

I looove garlic! thanks for the tips, I shall start trying them 1 by 1 :P

Nadine Issa said...

Dietitians have a reputation for forbidding people to eat stuff. I'm glad this article goes against that!! Thanks guys! Keep waiting for more :D:D

Rod said...

Hey how do the stainless steel utensils help in removing the smell??

Nadine Issa said...

Well Rod there isn't a scientific explanation as to how it removes the smell. However, many experiments have shown that it is true. Apparently the molecules responsible for the odors are transferred to the utensils due to friction.

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liberty mo dentist said...

Garlic has a momentary bad breath effect. I had to deal with it via a mouth wash when I gargle. It helps rid the taste and smell via mouth wash.

Maia Dobson said...

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Stew said...

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Unknown said...

I'm glad my dentist las vegas has cured that killer garlic smell that comes from my mouth. Turns out, it was from an abscess tooth.

Unknown said...

Oh man, if you eat a lot of garlic, then sad to say, you will definitely have bad breathe. My son has a huge passion foods and garlic, and he has a bad habit of brushing his teeth so you know the consequence of that. I'm actually taking him to the Dental treatment in jackson, so that we'll know what to do.

Unknown said...

You could also avoid eating anything overloaded with garlic. If all else fails, a fair number of dehumidifiers should do the trick.

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