Thursday, November 10, 2011

I can't get no... Satisfaction!

     What annoys you most about a diet?
I think the answer is unanimous for all dieters out there: it’s the constant hunger! The battle against starvation is often a losing one. And that’s why diets don’t last as long as they should.
Well, now we have a new weapon to use in this matter and it’s called the Satiety Index.

     What’s a satiety index?

It is a system that measures foods’ ability to satisfy hunger.
In a study conducted by the University of Sydney, Australia, 38 different foods were ranked according to their satiety index (SI). White bread was taken as a reference and it was given the score 100. Anything above that meant the food was more satisfying and anything below meant the food was less fulfilling.

     What makes you feel full?

     It has been proven that protein and fiber rich foods as well as complex carbohydrates are very satisfying. So you should always have meat, vegetables and starches in your meal!

The satiety index also depends on:

- Chemical components found in certain foods such as the anti-nutrients contained in beans and lentils that delay their absorption and make you feel full for longer.

- Sheer bulk: some foods like pop corn are voluminous and take so much space in the stomach. So you can eat a large amount and feel satisfied without taking excess calories!

- Taste: the blandness of boiled potatoes is one of the reasons why it gives an early satiety.

Now you know why a croissant in the morning is a very bad choice. Those 600 calories you ingest will leave you hungry a few minutes after you’re done. It’s the same for doughnuts and cakes. And that’s why it’s better to consume cereals for breakfast, all bran if possible, or a whole wheat bread with cheese or eggs!

Dieting doesn’t have to mean starvation. You can eat healthy, filling food and always stay fit! 


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