Thursday, November 17, 2011

When I say SALAD, you say...

When I say SALAD, you say…

When you say SALAD, I say…


Hell Yeah!

It’s not even real food

A salad can provide you with all the nutrients your body needs if you know just what to mix inside that bowl!
Yes! A salad can provide you with proteins if you add eggs, turkey, cheese, salmon, chicken, steak or ham.
Easy! Just throw in some croutons, toast, corn, boiled potatoes or even a small quantity of rice. Beans and other legumes can also provide carbs and fibers.
Well, the sauce is a source of fat. You can also add some raw nuts, olives or avocado. They are all a source of good fat.
Vitamins and minerals:
Obviously the vegetables can provide you with many vitamins and minerals. Some kinds of fruits can give the most amazing sweet taste to a salad: strawberry, pineapple, apple, etc.
The more colorful your salad is, the more it contains antioxidants that protect you against many diseases including cancer.

Too hard to prepare

Come on! That’s not such a hard thing to do. You can wash all the vegetables as soon as you buy them and keep them in the fridge. The rest is piece of cake. You can also buy a ready-to-eat sauce if it’s such a hassle.
Plus, preparing your food is fun; it will make you lose calories and make the meal more enjoyable. 

Still… Not enough for me!

Fine! If you don’t feel full after eating a big bowl of salad, you can eat something on the side. Just always start with the salad because it will fill a lot of space in that stomach of yours and will leave just a little for the fatty stuff!

Don’t you tell me I still haven’t convinced you! Now hop into that kitchen, put on some music, and start mixing and matching your favorite ingredients!*

* Get Salad recipes from our Healthy Delights section


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