Tuesday, January 1, 2013

TIME for 2013!

Time is something we can’t buy or make. We can only grab a few moments and try to make the most out of them.

Every year comes with new resolutions, written down in our minds. Sometimes we make them a reality; and other times they are postponed to future years.

My resolution for this year and my wish for you is TIME!

I wish you and I time,
Time to look at past experiences and learn from them,
Time to plan the future the way we want it,
Time to live our present the way it deserves,

And most important of all,

I wish you and I time for ourselves,
Time to take care of our body, mind and soul.

Because it is only when you give time to yourself that you can diet and become fit, exercise your mind and feed your soul!

Have a happy 2013! 


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